Obtaining a CLUE account

Every user with a CLUE account also has a CLUE email address, which is your username@eng.iastate.edu. This email can be accessed via the web mail page at http://mail.eng.iastate.edu or with an email client.

Accessing your CLUE mail with a stand alone client:

CLUE Email uses the IMAP protocol over SSL encryption. Almost all popular email applications support this protocol, including Eudora, Outlook Express, Apple Mail App, and many others.

Server information

Incoming mail server: mail.eng.iastate.edu

Incoming mail server protocol: IMAP over SSL using plain-text authentication

Outgoing mail server: mailhub.iastate.edu

Outgoing mail server protocol: SMTP with no authentication (logins)

Server-side filtering

CLUE mail supports server-side filters so you do not have to configure a filter for every one of your email clients. Filters can be set up using the web based mail utility at http://mail.eng.iastate.edu.