A Quick Introduction to Red Hat Linux 9 CLUE Edition

The CLUE Network is proud to present its most productive release of CLUE Red Hat Linux ever! Based on Red Hat Linux 9, CLUE Red Hat Linux has many extensions and configuration changes to help you get your work completed faster and more efficiently. New features include, but are not limited to:

Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

You read that right, now you can run Microsoft Office under Linux! No more running between labs so you can write your homework with Word and compile your programs in Linux. All open labs running Red Hat Linux 9 CLUE Edition have this capability. Currently Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are supported. Microsoft Internet Explorer is included, but not supported.

Electronic Audix access

Faculty and staff can access their Audix phone messages through Kmail. Get instant notification and archive your phone messages with a single click. This functionality requires the purchase of the Microsoft Office pack described earlier.

Major UNIX Engineering Applications

Industry adoption of Linux as a viable UNIX platform has been increasing at a furious pace. Almost every large commercial engineering application has a port to Red Hat Linux, including Matlab, Cadence, Pro/Engineer, and many many others. Applications that would only run on a 440Mhz Sun workstation can now be ran on commodity 3Ghz Intel-based PC's. Get your homework and research completed faster and easier than ever before!

Advanced Image and Web Development

Every CLUE workstation running Red Hat Linux 9 CLUE Edition comes with the GIMP and many advanced text and HTML editors. The GIMP is similiar to Adobe Photoshop, users of Photoshop can migrate to the GIMP quickly and easily. The advanced HTML editor Quanta is also included, and is similiar to HoTMetaL for Windows.

Instant Online Support with Gabber

Get in touch instantly with your CLUE administrator by using the PSI Gabber client. See the CLUE Chat page for more information.

K3B CD Burning

All labs with CD writers have the K3b CD writing application installed. Those familiar with NERO on Windows will be right at home. K3B can easily create data, audio, and video CDR's with the click of a mouse. No more hunting down a PC with a zip drive to copy your large project files.

Visual editing of LaTeX with LyX

Serious document creation requires LaTeX, which new users can often find intimidating at first. Enter LyX, a WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mean) LaTeX editor. Simply type your document as in any word processor, and LyX handles the LaTeX part for you! Users of WinEdit on windows will find LyX a much friendlier solution!

Rapid Application Development with KDevelop

Users familiar with Visual Studio may find compilation of their applications on Linux to be intimidating. KDevelop provides an easy-to-use graphical development environment complete with GUI layout editor, integrated debugger, and advanced project management.

Easy web page creation with Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus is a text editor optimised for web development. As well as providing a means to edit code, there are additional features that make the developer's life easier. So, if you're working in XHTML and CSS, or throwing a bit of PHP in as well, Quanta Plus provides tools to help. Quanta also features integrated CVS support, code validation, tag editor, and preview mode.

Instant access to your engineering email

The KDE mail client, kmail, is already configured for your @eng.iastate.edu email account. Just click on the mail icon in the panel and thats it! Spam detection can be setup on the server side so junk mail never reaches your inbox.

And much, much, more.

Besides the programs mentioned above, Red Hat Linux 9 CLUE Edition includes the latest version of KDE (3.1.2 + CLUE Enhancements) and the latest patched version of Red Hat Linux 9. See the LABS link above to find a lab with Red Hat Linux CLUE Edition in your department. If your department does not have a Red Hat Linux 9 CLUE Edition lab, request one!