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Welcome to the UberJS Website!

UberJS was featured on Sun's BigAdmin Newsletter.

Thanks to a classified source, a Solaris 8 version is in the works. It was stripped of its automation for a specific need, but could be added back in easily. Special thanks go out to the source. Also, some additional documentation may be written by this same person.

Major feature changes/additions implemented 03/03/04

Several big and important features have been added to UberJS/UberJS Server which will make installation easier, faster and more configurable. Please see this document for critical information.

Some of the documentation is now slightly out of date. Please see the above document for important changes and be patient for other documentation to be updated. Feel free to email questions to

Please check your windows computers for viruses, we are receiving emails to with virus content. No harm since we're running unix, but you may be affecting some windows users that you've sent mail to or have in your address book.

What's  New

  • New features added - 03/03/04
  • Solaris 8-02/04 edition testing - 02/27/04
  • Solaris 9-12/03 edition testing - 02/25/04
  • Website Redesign - 11/01/03
  • Final Releases for UberJS Standard/Server

  • NOTICE WITH REGARDS TO CDRTOOLS/MKISOFS: It appears as though the 2.00.3 final release does not contain the sparc-boot option. However all 2.01axx alpha releases do contain the sparc-boot option. I downloaded and compiled 2.01a24 and it worked like a charm. -Submitted by Kirk - 01/08/04
  • Also of note: As of December, sun seems to have implemented something similar, but it only works on wan-boot enabled prom's without having to boot from cdrom. Check here for more information. - 01/09/04


We do not take any responsibility for the use of the scripts provided on this website. They are intended as building blocks and/or as useful administration tools. You shall not hold us responsible for any misuse, damage, loss, or any claims with regards to the use of these materials. Use and maintenance is the sole responsibility of anyone who obtains these files.

The JumpStart mechanism is the property of Sun Microsystems and the modifications to these scripts are additions to their code, and small portions of the scripts are direct duplication of Sun code. No profit may be made directly from the use of UberJS and our concept may not be sold or duplicated. You may freely distribute this code, provided you maintain reference to its original author(s) and the UberJS website.

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