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What is UberJS Server?

UberJS Server is a bootable Solaris CD which will bring up a JumpStart server on a machine (minus the installation media). The idea is a branch from the UberJS idea that came up when we realized some machines do not have CDROM drives, or working ones for that matter. UberJS Server simply replaces the JumpStart laptop concept with another fixed machine on the network, but does not change that machine or require reconfiguring it. Everything you need to point to a JumpStart server across subnets but still use the boot net - install method is contained on the CD.

UberJS Server uses the network initialization portion of UberJS to boot the temporary server machine onto the network. After that, the wget routine can download the /etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams files that the various services need. The primary difference between UberJS and UberJS Server is that UberJS boots the machine you are installing the OS on and gets it on the network to talk directly to your NFS server and begin the sun install phase, where UberJS Server boots another sun machine on the network and the CD runs all the necessary services for the installation machine to do a boot net - install. The booting machine gets an UberJS miniroot which may help you with the multiple subnets problem since UberJS hacks sysidcfg for you. Once booted, a short script called assisted-aic will help you add each client to the server. Assisted-aic also helps with a few features specific to UberJS, but mainly it simply builds a commandline and calls add_install_client (which had to be modified to be able to export a cd based mount, and is called uber-aic on the CD). Follow the prompts and the CD will set itself up, then boot net - install your client machines.

News and updates:

Note: Solaris 9 12/03 and Solaris 8 02/04 editions are in testing/development

I have currently edited files for 9-12/03 and 8-02/04 editions the way it looks like they should work. Basically plugging code into the new locations where the same thing happens. It doesn't look like sun really changed anything major other than adding wanboot, but there's no guarantee whether the code will work. Currently not tested.

Also noteworthy is that Solaris 8 02/04 seems to be redone in the style of Solaris 9 08/03, with the slice 1 link in Tools/Boot on slice 0. Also, there is near zero difference in the rcS and sysidfind files aside from a cpu compatibility message. Solaris 8 is partially tested currently, the 02/04 release has not been tested at all. Someo ne has used the uberjs-sol8-mini-exec successfully on a slightly modified older version of solaris 8. It might need tweaking for your use. The standard uberjs-exec may work as wel l.

New features added to UberJS and bugfixes
IMPORTANT: please see this document for information regarding important changes to UberJS

UberJS Server Quick Start documentation - here
Using UberJS Server, what to do with the finished CD - UberJS Server documentation here
How to implement the UberJS Server system - UberJS Server documentation here

UberJS Files
uberjs-server-exec is available here - Runs on the UberJS Server at bootup
uberjs-SBC-exec is available here - Runs on machines booted by the UberJS Server
08/03 rcS script is available here
12/03 rcS script is available here
Solaris 8 02/04 rcS script is available here
- standard rcS with modifications to call uberjs-server-exec and disable dial
uber-aic script is available here - add_install_client minus exportability check (allows export of cdrom paths)
assisted-aic script is available here - prompted frontend to uber-aic
wget solaris binary to copy onto /.tmp_proto/uberjs is here - standard wget binary

UberJS Automation Related Files
08/03 mkuber available here here
12/03 mkuber available here here
Solaris 8 02/04 mkuber available here here
makes a basic UberJS Standard/Server working directory from a sun CD. See QuickStart documentation for more info.
mkiso script available here here - makes boot isos for sun+intel or just sun

mkiso Related Files
memdisk executable is available here
isolinux.cfg.append text is available here

MD5 Sums
MD5 Sums of all files are available here

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